• image1 Since 1979 the GAYLA Conference was established at Ferry Beach as one of the earliest communities of gay brotherhood.
  • image2 The spirit of GAYLA brotherhood continues to be a very important personal touchstone in the growth of all the men who have attended.
  • image3 We come to the beach to rekindle friendships, renew our gay spirituality, find love, and experience the brotherhood.

Rise with us, as we are GAYLA.

A circle of love, of men loving men.
Together we make this circle sacred.
Between us we make these promises,
With you we make this covenant:

I accept you without condition.
I will be truthful when I speak.
When you speak, I will listen so I may understand.
I will care for you. Help me to care for myself.

When I have something to say, I will say it.
I will hold and shape our community’s vision.
If I betray our covenant, help me.
If I betray myself, accept me,
And love me without condition.

Living our conscience is our goal.
Be with us, we are GAYLA.
A sacred circle, a circle of love, of men loving men.