• image1 Since 1979 the GAYLA Conference was established at Ferry Beach as one of the earliest communities of gay brotherhood.
  • image2 The spirit of GAYLA brotherhood continues to be a very important personal touchstone in the growth of all the men who have attended.
  • image3 We come to the beach to rekindle friendships, renew our gay spirituality, find love, and experience the brotherhood.

The Coordinators are GAYLA brothers who work with Ferry Beach staff to plan and organize the GAYLA conference. Coordinators of GAYLA are elected by the conferees during the Town Meeting at the end of the week.

The Treasurer is a GAYLA brother who helps add long-term consistency to the management of GAYLA’s separate financial resources. Responsibilities include maintaining records, managing accounts receivable and payable, and helping to administer the Helping Hands scholarship fund. The Treasurer reports to the GAYLA Coordinators and communicates with Ferry Beach staff on financial matters. The Treasurer is appointed by the Coordinators to serve a four-year term.  Click here to connect with the Treasurer.

Frivs (for “Frivolity Committee”) are GAYLA brothers who assist the Coordinators in setting up conference events. Their hard work on innumerable tasks enables GAYLA to unfold. Frivs are selected by the Coordinators each year on the basis of leadership skills, willingness to work, and ability to work within a team.

Big Brothers are volunteer GAYLA brothers who assist new GAYLA brothers in learning about the conference and the community.

The Minister of the Week is a feature in keeping with the Unitarian Universalist roots of our conference. The minister’s role (in addition to being a GAYLA brother) includes services each morning in the outdoor chapel beyond the Grove clearings and Beach Friendship Circles after dinner. He is also available to meet and talk with GAYLA brothers during the week. His cabin provides a private space for consultation.

The Ferry Beach (FB) Staff is a hardworking, fun-loving group that makes GAYLA possible. The entire summer crew at Ferry Beach is a supportive and motivated lot. The FB management includes an Executive Director, a Program Director, an Operation Director, a Maintenance Director, and a Guest Services Director. Most of the summer staff members for housekeeping and dining services are college students from around the world.