• image1 Since 1979 the GAYLA Conference was established at Ferry Beach as one of the earliest communities of gay brotherhood.
  • image2 The spirit of GAYLA brotherhood continues to be a very important personal touchstone in the growth of all the men who have attended.
  • image3 We come to the beach to rekindle friendships, renew our gay spirituality, find love, and experience the brotherhood.

- Upcoming Events -
GAYLA 38 on July 16-23, 2016 at Ferry Beach (www.ferrybeach.org)



For gay or bisexual men, fighting to make our way in the “straight man’s world” can sometimes be a very lonely and often perilous journey.  GAYLA is a gathering for adult, gay men, single or partnered, and for adult bi-sexual, questioning or gay-friendly men.

Our annual gathering of men takes place at the Ferry Beach Park Association conference center in Saco, Maine.  GAYLA offers an all-inclusive, affordable vacation alternative, a beautiful, simple, nurturing space for self-exploration, self-expression, relaxation and community building that could potentially change your life.  A wide variety of optional activities allows the GAYLA attendee to customize a week that meets individual needs. 

Men seeking GAYLA are learning there is no ready-made role model or single template for us to follow as we strive to make progress in our life-long journey toward becoming the best gay or bi-sexual man we can possibly be--spiritually, sexually, emotionally, and physically.  In an effort to be successful and safe in our quest, many thoughtful men have realized that we can maximize our personal, as well as collective growth, by forming a community or a brotherhood expressly designed to provide mutual support, nurturance, acceptance, friendship, loving, and mentoring of one another.