• image1 Since 1979 the GAYLA Conference was established at Ferry Beach as one of the earliest communities of gay brotherhood.
  • image2 The spirit of GAYLA brotherhood continues to be a very important personal touchstone in the growth of all the men who have attended.
  • image3 We come to the beach to rekindle friendships, renew our gay spirituality, find love, and experience the brotherhood.

Share responsibility.

GAYLA creates a spontaneous community which is safe, nurturing, and exciting. We make an environment that enables growth and exploration. This connecting experience depends upon an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, for which we all share responsibility.

Don’t push yourself.

With many options for activity during GAYLA, it can feel overwhelming. GAYLA is a place to be, not a roster of things to do, and remembering this will help maintain a balance. Set your own pace. Each brother is free to do or not do as much or as little as he chooses. The week offers scheduled Workshops and other activities that are hopefully valuable, but we also find reward in hanging out together, small informal chats, ice cream cones, and walks. “Early to bed, early to rise” is helpful to keep in mind. Breakfast begins at 7:30AM and social events close at 11:00PM. Don’t anticipate; participate.

Respect limits & boundaries.

At GAYLA, we try to maintain an atmosphere that inspires us to take risks and open up to new experiences, to seek insight into the meaning and value of our identity as gay men. In this regard, intimacy may be expressed physically or verbally, and we must be sensitive to our different levels of need, openness, fear, and expectation. Some brothers will feel free to reveal personal details, or greet with hugs and kisses, while others will be more reserved. Some brothers like drag, while others aren’t interested. In a setting of such opportunities, it is vital to remember that no one is to be pushed or exploited by others. Please determine your own limits and boundaries, make them clear to others, and respect the limits and boundaries of others as well.

Try something new.

GAYLA is a safe place and GAYLA men are known for their mutual support and respect. You are encouraged to extend your comfort zone and reach out to others this week. With tolerance and kindness among us, each brother will be able to discover his own place in this treasured fellowship we call GAYLA.