• image1 Since 1979 the GAYLA Conference was established at Ferry Beach as one of the earliest communities of gay brotherhood.
  • image2 The spirit of GAYLA brotherhood continues to be a very important personal touchstone in the growth of all the men who have attended.
  • image3 We come to the beach to rekindle friendships, renew our gay spirituality, find love, and experience the brotherhood.

COSTUMES & DRAG: Please feel free to dress as you please. GAYLA maintains a small community wardrobe in the Drag Room in Rowland Hall. Optional daily costuming themes are for this year’s GAYLA are:

Sunday: Church Lady Day: Break out the hats, corsages and dresses for Sunday Morning Chapel!

Monday: Intense Pride Day: Rainbow colors, shirts, hats, buttons-you name it!

Tuesday: Teddy Day: Teddy bears, or negligees-you decide!

Wednesday: PJs/Nighties at Breakfast: While Wednesday is a Free Day, you may want to dress in your PJs or Nighties for Breakfast to show off!

Thursday: Red Dress—Dress Red Day: Always love a Lady in Red (or a man for that matter….)

Friday: Leather Day: Jackets, vests, boots, hats-just remember, we’re in a mixed camp!

REMEMBRANCE SERVICE: Since 1987 we have had a tradition of Remembrance Ceremonies that grew out of commemorating those who died of AIDS. On Monday evening, we continue with the memory of our GAYLA brothers, lovers, friends, and family who have died. We begin in the Grove and process to the Beach where the names of all our deceased brothers are read. G

WALK OF ANGELS: This is a deeply moving experience that allows the participants to practice trust, affirmation and often a very emotional transformation. Accompanied by beautiful, gentle music playing in the background GAYLA brothers will enjoy this spiritual, self enhancing ritual led by two GAYLA veterans. Many men participate in this ceremony year after year after the Remembrance Service on Monday evening and it’s especially recommended to newcomers. G

BONFIRE: On Monday evening, those who don’t participate in the Walk of Angels gather in the Grove for a bonfire. G

COOKOUT & LOBSTER FEST: Wednesday’s dinner is a cook-out. Grilled hotdogs and hamburgers are served with other traditional picnic food. Steamed lobsters are also available for an extra fee with advance reservation/purchase from FB staff in the Quillen Office. FB & G

FERRY BEACH VS. GAYLA VOLLEYBAL TOURNAMENT: A long time Tradition is the Thursday afternoon Volley Ball Tournament, held with great earnest and anticipation. It is between the GAYLA guys and the Ferry Beach Staff. There are cheerleaders and lots of drama to win the coveted Sea Hag Award. The tradition has been that the team that comes in second place dresses in costumes or drag and serves dinner at the dining hall that evening.

TALENT/NO TALENT SHOW (TNT): On Thursday night everyone on campus gathers at the GAYLA Theater in Rowland Hall for a Talent Show. The acts are from all Conferences meeting that week as well as FB Staff members. If you are interested there is a signup sheet made available for your award winning act. We’ve had visitors from the area attend so the first half is tamer than the second half. As the title of the show suggests – This is off Broadway!

TOWN MEETING: This is GAYLA’s end of camp business meeting on Friday afternoon. We discuss our week together, our finances and vote for the two new under-study coordinators for the following year. It’s a time specifically set aside to improve on our experience and to make any necessary changes for the future.

SILENT AUCTION: Held on Friday night after closing ceremony, all proceeds of this activity support our “Helping Hands” scholarship fund. All auction items are donated by GAYLA brothers. G

BIJOU THEATRE: GAYLA is sex-positive. Bijou Theatre is our name for the room of Rowland Hall in which gay erotic videos are shown each evening. We gather in this space to meet, to be sexual, and to share our erotic selves. G

INTIMACY ROOM: Room #1 in Rowland Hall is reserved as a private space to share physical intimacy. G